Celebrating the Creative Community of Venice.

What are we doing?

 Our core committee is working constantly on several projects.  
     We are restoring the Ocean Front Walk Bench Tiles.  These were special large community themed ceramic art pieces which were incorporated into Ocean Front Walk Benches.  Several of the benches have crumbled and need to be replaced.
We are publishing a Ocean Front Walk Bench Tiles Book.  You'll see it in the stores soon.  
We are restoring the Venice Beach Poetry Monuments.  Phase one has been completed by SPARC.   Many community and business organizations have come together to support this.  Phase two restores the shower walls, coming soon.  
We are helping to create a Venice Japanese-American Memorial Marker, to help us remember the excesses of state power.
We have been helping local artists get exhibited in some local restaurants.  Artists like this, but sales are rare, and expenses are to the artist.
This is all informed by the constant dialogue of the community we live in.

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