Celebrating the Creative Community of Venice.

Fred Dewey, Mike Bonin, Pegarty Long, and Richard Modiano on the Venice Beach Poets Monument

QUOTES:  Venice is precious and I chose the poets - for what will hopefully be only a first round of permanent boardwalk poems - to reflect the area's history, depth, and promise. Culture can be protected in Los Angeles, and the poets are our voice, our sustenance. Their poems, if properly preserved, can remind the world not only why Venice is important but how meaningfully democracy has been, and can be, protected there.  Fred Dewey, Curator, Former Director, Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center
 As Philomene Long wrote, Venice is a “holy ground, stained with the blood of poets.”  From the Beats to the Doors to the punks, poetry has been central to the rhythm of Venice.  We celebrate it by keeping it alive in the heart of our community – at the beach, with the tides, the sunsets, the children, and the sounds and sensations of our city.  – Mike Bonin, Lover of Venice and advocate for public art who championed the project while working for then Councilmember Ruth Galanter current Chief of Staff, Office of Councilman Bill Rosendahl

I love my sister who was a great poet and artist. I am happy that, for whatever reason the cards were dealt to us, that our souls came together in one body before we exploded into two people. We grew up in our own Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer artistic fantasy world together.  She was a great light and comes to me so very often in my dream life. It was a wonderful idea to engrave and preserve her words and other poets on the wall.   Thank you Fred Dewey for making it happen and the Venice Arts Council for your efforts to restore and preserve it. - Pegarty Long, twin sister to poet laureate of Venice, Philomene Long
 The Venice Beach Poets' Monument uniquely commemorates the contribution of local spoken word artists to the craft of poetry. There is nothing like it anywhere else in the United States."       - Richard Modiano, Executive Director, Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center


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