Celebrating the Creative Community of Venice.

Fred Dewey sends his regards from Berlin

STATEMENT FROM VENICE BEACH POET'S MONUMENT CURATOR FRED DEWEY: I am sorry I couldn't be here with you for this great beginning put on by the Arts Council. It's deeply encouraging that you all are here.

The restoration of the walls is vital. Who else but the poets could put the spirit of freedom into words, expressing the heart and soul of Venice? They must be preserved.

So I send you a warm hello and encouragement, from chilly, free Berlin, where the air and light are still not as beautiful or warm, the poetry never as much part of the soul and ground, holy ground - as beloved Philomene put it - as in my raucous and real home, Venice.  And as to that, I recently discovered, to my surprise, that Philomene's fellow Irishman, in Berlin so many years ago, actually said: "ich bin ein Venetian-er!"

So.... SAVE that holy ground, SAVE the poems, and SAVE Venice!

Fred Dewey at the Venice Beach Poets Monument

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