Celebrating the Creative Community of Venice.

Our Past Projects

We have been working with the Japanese American Memorial Marker committee to place a Memorial Marker at Venice Boulevard and Lincoln Boulevard. 
We have partnered withThe International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five, in conjunction with SPARC and Beyond Baroque, and US Actors And Artists United For The Freedom Of The Cuban 5, to produce two exhibits of Cuban Artists, who are members of The Cuban Five.  In 2011 we presented  “Humor from my Pen”, an exhibition of political cartoons by Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, at SPARC.   In 2010 we held an art exhibit and poetry reading of Cuban artist Antonio Guerrero, with Ed Asner, Danny Glover, and Dolores Huerta, at SPARC and Beyond Baroque.
Our Endangered Art Fund, with the help of many other supporters in our community, has restored the Jaya Mural and the Endangered Species Mural.  
The DIVAS of Venice series was produced by the Venice Arts Council.   The other events were collaborations on many levels.
Divas of Venice: Jody Evans and CODE-PINK   CODE-PINK part 2
Divas of Venice: Theresa Hulme
Divas of Venice: Maureen Cotter and Carol Fondiller
Divas of Venice: Suzy Williams
Divas of Venice: Adaawe
Day Of the Dead with SPARC
The Story Of Lincoln Place
Martin Luther King Day
Public Arts and Culture Workshop
Pastorela, with SPARC
Film Showing: Feeding The Sparrows by Feeding the Horses
Gallery Show at SPARC: Venice Artists about Venice
Reception for Venice Artists About Venice
Venice Art Walk 2005 - Photos of some work.
Voice of the Canals Party - jam party with Venice Canal Friends.  I have a big stone in this pot.
More Canal Party? Tim and Liz's, and is that JB's Bass Player Ray!

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