Celebrating the Creative Community of Venice.


We encourage all Venetians to participate in the selection and evaluation of public art in Venice. We also hope to inspire a dialog and new ideas and submissions for additional public art projects to enhance our streets.

The projects include:

1. Windward Circle Sculpture and Landscaping
2. The Venice Sign
3. The Bronze Camels
4. The Non-Violence Sculpture
5. Sculptural Trash Cans
6. Venice Historic Signs
7. A Master Plan for Public Art in Venice
8. The Endangered Art Project


Dear Presenter

First of all, thank you for participating in this important Public Art Forum. It is our mission to bring to the Venice Residents the Public Art that is being proposed for Venice, as they must live with what imagery is placed in their/our community. Community involvement and approval can only be a positive for the enjoyment and maintenance of a public art piece.

The Venice Library was filled to capacity with standing room only, and many were very attentive and appreciative of this presentation. Comment forms were filled out that evening, and more later until the 20th of August, when the display in the case was removed.

The enclosed packet consists of a summary of the comments and tally of the responses from the comment sheets. There is also a verbatim listing of the comments as written for your review. (Obviously, we wish to keep the comments anonymous.) We hope these responses will be constructive for your ideas and imagery and future presentations.

This is the first of we hope to be of many presentations to keep Venice informed and involved in public art.

We again thank you for making the Public Art Forum a success, and a good start for community involvement with the arts. We hope you will continue to participate.

Best regard
Emily Winters
Venice Arts Council, Chair

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