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A Master Plan for Venice

> very good idea! > #1 idea
> yes on parking, beautification, on greening
> Design as is needs more planning. Master plan is a good idea
> fully support the idea - have not studied the specifics - always start with a master plan - I even would support its development before the other projects are approvedlimple
> this needs a lot of planning to work. But is the number 1 issue, not as presented
> We need an overall vision to appeal to
> love closing off of Windward
> big dream, needs more thought
> I need to know more about what it consists of
> Venice has a freedom spirit that needs to be preserved. No one person or group can
or should dictate a "plan".
> need a community consensus
> needs more flexability and input from the community
> We need one but I think we need more input for the plan
> We need a master plan for the presentation of public sculpture in Venice. This is too
ambitious and has too many elements - needs more over focus
> great idea over all. as a resident of Grand Blvd. ?? parking (like in Santa Monica only in
blocks closest to the beach. > too much info to digest, suggest: > images of Montana Ave, Santa Monica & 3rd street promenade come to mind - that is
not what Venice is aout - Venice is known for its diversity.
> not sure. need to study full impact, really a "planning" issue more than art
> I missed the presentation III
> We do need a plan, need more information .
> presentation not completed, not enough info to make a decision
> good idea, nothing in case
> not public art
> don't know what she is talking about
> need more info. Good start
> not sure what this means
> No Master plan - instead try Venetian Declaration, or Arts Proclamation on Arts, or
Community Commitment to the arts.
> Some ideas are great.
> No "parking districts".
> Leave the wide streets alone. They are safe and great for bicycling, forget parking den sity. Locate elsewhere parking only for the residents zone, business have to provide
parking or some rent space at Westminster School
> Don't have enough info to comment on this one.
> No, they never come to fruition.
> Venice Village with treatments to slow down traffic, promote walking and promote pride
(less pollution & vandalism) are great!
> This is not an Art Forum subject and should not be included as art.

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