Celebrating the Creative Community of Venice.

Non-Violent Gun Sculpture

> Yes Ian (MR)
> Though I understand the concept, I don't like the execution.
> Has a negative tone at 1st glance - not sure if it won't add to fears of violence in Venice.
Still, seems vulnerable.
> Like the idea, not the sculpture.
> I'm not enamored of it, but an important idea
> A wonderful statement for a community dedicated to peace.
> Yes, but not on Windward.
> Reminders of non violence never a bad idea.
> Big, yesl
> yes, a strong statement for our community....
> yes, it is a great idea for our community
> Some gun control legislation with some real enforcement penalties for violations would
be a better project.
> could be misinterpreted
> not positive or welcoming
> no guns. don't re-infuse. I am anti - child abuse. But don't want to see a sculpture of it! > I see this as a negative symbol
> don't need any gun reminders
> this is an important sculpture - but why Venice?
> Who will pay for this?
> very good! Stop giving the NRA a table at the Abbot Kinney Street Festival
> Interesting choice of words! A little like creating peace with warllll Also, really an import
tent phallus symbol
> Good idea but not specific to Venice
> It would be an honor for Venice
> Even though it's not, it still looks like a big gun unless one looks closer. I find it to be
aesthetically ugly also. No! Good concept, but it's not something I would want to see. > Fine, temporary. They need to pay for it's installation and maintain it.
> Mixed feelings about this. While I am for public art and expression, I would like art by Venice Artists only that express either a positive, uplifting or historical aspect of Venice
could depict location
> Any form of the gun glorified doesn't work for me in a positive way,
> Just plain _
> in Venice? NO.
> Good reminder
> OK for a limited time. 2 yrs. approx. on the boardwalk.
> Ocean Front Walk would be a great location for this sculpture.
> Don't want any guns - don't vote it.
> Not sure.
> Yes, so long as John Lennon tribute is noted.

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