Celebrating the Creative Community of Venice.

The Windward "Venice" sign

3. The "Venice" Sign

> Yes, insurance is a problem.
> Pretty cool, but sure it's necessary?
> Fine.
> Not art, but nice.
> Solar powered, appropriate location, Historic connection
> History & the present with respect for he environment.
> Great project!
> Get it up Venice! (sorry)
> I like the idea of dial in color!
> A must!
> Great idea for a public marker. Love it to change it's colors.
> Yes, great history!
> It was a memorable part of how Venice looked and shouldn't be that difficult to restore.
Yes, yes.
> if authentic historically.
> Would highlight a spirit of Venice & historic value.
> Maybe, if historic.
> Great idea!
> Fun, fun, fun!
> Really like this. Seems like an easy way to spruce things up while bring some history
> OK, I contributed but where is the sign today?
> Of course, it's restoring a legacy!
> Historic nostalgia is good.
> Yes! !..Wonderful!! ! Since you are using leds, why not make it with the bulbs that can
change colors!
> Fine, if liability issues are solved.
> This is appropriate for central Venice as a ? sign, plus the historical aspect that is on the
way from a hopeful revitalized Windward circle.
> Great!
> Historically correct, fun.
> Great!
> Does this fit with #6?
> Prefer authentic reconstruction of original style but with solar cells.
> Arching over the street.
> Interesting since it is solar powered - but who will pay for this?

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