Celebrating the Creative Community of Venice.

Comments on the Bronze Camel Sculpture Proposal

> Perhaps if they were on par of the angels or cows that are created by different artists &
then bought but don't associate camels of Venice .
> Cute idea. What about maintenance?
> This sounds like a terrific project!
> Really like the camels.
> My concern - how long would they be on display? Shouldn't this be pre-determined? > 1 or 2 camels might work but not more. This needs much more discussion - if pressed
now, I'd vote No - seems a reach to imagine the connection.
> Okay as a community project, not my first choice for art.
> Too dangerous & open to mis interpretation - do not use only animals symbolizing the
middle east.
> How much?
> I love this idea - maybe made in several different materials?
> Mussola, Montana has bears. why shouldn't we have camels?
> A unique addition to our street...
> I'm not sure about this image? Don't want this to be a manger scene. I don't see why this talented artist has to have a camel image - why not something more universal
and not political.
> No, too many, too expensive.
> Not Good!
> May be an improvement for Abbot Kinney Blvd.
> Venice is not Arabia!
> A great project!
> A great idea!
> Funny, whimsical, but I wonder what other whimsy I don't yet know about Venice. Also suggest some educational element so that people have a chance to find out the his tory.
> Like this. A little concerned as the question of "why camels" that some public who don't know the story of the camels will have - can include some sort of info plaque that
might tell the story?
> Great!
> This sounds like a clever and fun concept!
> Love this idea! It's elegant and funny. Catalina Island has life-size buffalo sculptures. > Love it. Spectacular landmark & historical.
> 1 set of 3 at Venice and Abbot Kinney under the palm trees.
> Yes, love that they will be bronze, as that's classy.
> Fine. But so much money so needs a public promote financial effort. 50 x 50
> Great from historical perspective and artistic value with identification of Venice.
> Love it.
> Could be "theme" for Venice, like the Angels, for LA - nice concept!
> ?
> Camels - is this Iraq? Are you kidding!
> Not necessary (too much like cigarette ad )
> Yes, fun! and historical
> this is great!
> Quirky and Idiosyncratic remembrance of Venice's History. will be memorable.
> Camels don't seem to represent current Venice identity.
> Yes, although maybe they should be on wheels and stroll around Venice for bronze
camel rides - or have a slot for spare change - camel bank for local art projects.
> a great idea as "greeters", "mascots", love their potential as interactive playful sculpture
combined with historic authenticity - like to see a few at either end of Abbot Kinney. > The best.
> The best idea Ever!
> The historical reference is nice but these sculptures don't's allude to Venice's historical
roots successfully.
> My favorite.
> Again - who pays for these? Who maintains them? Do not like the Iraq/Mid-east war
> I've heard they cost 85K - that's absurd. Maybe one somewhere donated by this artist,
but not lining Venice.
> I we must have camels, place where children an adults can play around them.

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