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Comments on Sculptural Trash Cans

5. Sculptural Trash Cans

> Solution to pollution. Competition by Artists
> Definitely need more trash receptacles
> Why not?
> A concept worth considering. "Solution to Pollution", who will maintain/empty the
> Okay as community project, not my first choice for art.
> So long as they are emptied.
> Great idea! How about a photo exhibition of trash can sculpture?
> Anything to help the trash problem.
> Love the idea of artistic trash cans. Resolution to Pollution.
> Interesting
> Who writes the specs for the project?
> Yes, with historic artistic feel.
> Use animal motif.
> Great idea.
> Support idea of recycling bins. Also, how will trash be collected? Would also love to see
a variety representing rich artistic community.
> Love this. competition can delay. Can there be many artists/many trash cans?
> Cost vs exposure
> Great idea and much needed too.
> Nice way to add to the unique flavor of Venice.
> Something classy please! Great idea though - superl
> No, boondogle
> Great idea, let's do it now.
> Competition for highschool students, inexpensive might be a bit "trashy" (looking for
> No sculpted cans, not suitable for heavy refuse.
> They don't look like art to me, just more trash and grafiti.
> I support more trash cans, especially on Lincoln. Artistic design/functional, with lasting
> Yes, if they work.
> Trash can attract trash.
> More trash cans - just so long as they are sturdy and efficient.
> What do they look like?
> Plain, regular strong green cans like on Main St. I received funding from neighborhood
matching funds for cans on RoseAve. Check them out. People have bent them. The people responsible for them have to let? bags and empty them. NOT SO EASY AS YOU WOULD THINKIII
> Look what happened on Rose Ave - They were destroyed by people - its wasting re

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