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Windward Circle Sculpture and Architecture

> Not a fan of this particular Robert Graham sculpture.
> Not enough information
> Like big splash.
> Prefer landscaping & glass shards & column pedestal.
> Need more information.
> Yes, with VAC input.
> I'd like to see the circle be used for rotating? than permanent exhibits.
> Sculpture, RG. NO. Landscaping YES Public notice was done poorly believe me and
my neighbors around the Venice circle!
> No on sculpture (no again), yes on Landscaping.
> Don't want the Robert Graham sculpture installed.
> The circle needs work! Column of light - like airport columns? I do not like - too
cheesy.. .
> Yes, Robert Graham of course.
> Graham is important artist, yes - great idea.
> I don't want the steel torso placed in the Windward Circle!!!
> Need to be more inclusive of multiple artists.
> Yes, with historic
> Is the torso a done deal? It is very inappropriate. A beautiful fountain would be a better
> Against the torso - protest vote
> Conceptually yes, would support plan by local landscape architect.
> Landscaping, yes, what ever sculpture is placed should comment on existing art.
> This needs to be defined before I can support such a suggestion,
> Absolutely not the Fredericks mannequin torso.
> Opening the location to other artists gets a huge thumbs up! Green is good.
> Use fountain, not torso for the circle.
> No Robert Graham stature
> I like the concept, but I don't like the actual execution - the art is quite tacky! Great idea
though. Something more sophisticated and historical would be better.
> needs to go ahead, needs water element, needs landscape element. > We need this now! Landscaping and multiple sculpture. remove billboards on circle now
(by adult day care)
> Might be beautiful - not sure/not easy to visualize how it will look by Poster paintings on
walls or the street.
> No Robert Graham sculpture - park with no dogs - swimming area around circle.
> more trees and benches.
> So long as the Water department can get to the pumps.
> Robert Graham - yes. Painting the circle would be enjoyed as it is, you're actually stand ing on it. To have persons walking on site to view would be dangerous - traffic.
> Yes, love landscaping, great. No, but a different sculpture.
> Yes please. his sounds dazzling with the glass in the concrete and the bushes similar to
> love the "twinkling" glass idea.
> 3D preserve and evocation of water are both good ideas. The pedestal for the Graham
sculpture is unattractive.
> No, not sure what this sculpture has to do with Venice.
> Sculpture looks small for the space but landscaping design helps.
> I support landscaping circle and forms that express water imagery. I like blue glass embedded in street. Why not bring the Robert Graham Windward columns that he
never reinstalled in front of his home to the circle?
> Why the hell not?!
> Yes, glass chunks in Pavement
> Yes, Robert Graham.
> I strongly dislike this Graham Sculpture. If it were integrated with plantings it might be tolerable (not on a pedestal).

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