Celebrating the Creative Community of Venice.

Comments on Venice Historical Banners

> Like this idea.
> Not clear replacement of banners, but a good idea.
> Really like historical banners
> Good idea.
> Size & material of the Posters? Need more info. WII the images rotate/replace existing
> need more info
> Great
> Venice shows have images of local pride & history all over.
> Need more info.
> What is the material of these?
> Yes, great idea!
> Good idea - Ocean Front
> #1 idea.
> Like to see more about it.
> Explanation was very unclear, so is display.
> ?
> Love the idea - would prefer a more abstract interpretation - maybe in the sidewalk like
little Tokyo - its to literal
> Great plan - seems an inexpensive way to get some PublicArtlArchitecture/Culture out
there. > Nice. > Love this idea, but use a cheery color for the border, not the brown they have in the
> Creates visual Clutter
> Don't understand proposal.
> Like the historical - old timey feel of these.
> Should not be considered art. Is a different committee altogether.
> No, thanks.
> How does this fit with #6? (Windward circle landscaping)
> Prefer "antique" style, consistent with 1906 time period.
> Suggest more content, variety of heights, and placements.

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