Celebrating the Creative Community of Venice.

The Endangered Art Fund

> Huge believer in these murals & their importance.
> Fund it
> Extremely important to protect/restore the pieces.
> A high priority.
> Yes!!!
> Why let these murals disintegrate.
> Yes, use Rosendahl's Office to pursue restoration.
> Restore the murals & other public pieces, of course.
> No poster? need more info
> Maintenance of murals is necessary.
> Restore existing first! .
> Maintenance should be ongoing & built into the future pieces.
> This is really important. A must!
> Yes, after hearing the speaker.
> Artists are losing their foothold in Venice with Sky-rocketing housing costs.
> Very necessary.
> Very important - support mural restorations.
> Yes, this is very important.
> Good, but going very expensive and needs to be public/private financial partners.
> They have become graffiti magnets - too cost prohibitive to keep. We need a plan to
protect our public art from vandalism and other damage.
> Preserve art and artists.

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