Celebrating the Creative Community of Venice.

About Us

The Venice Arts Council is fiscally sponsored by the Venice Community Housing Corporation, a 501C3 Tax Exempt Organization.
The Venice Arts Council is, in the largest sense,  an extended network of individuals with a stake in our Community Arts.  Venice has a lot of wonderful artists and art organizations and we try to work with and for them all.   We have been restoring Murals, and plan to restore other public art in Venice like the Poetry Walls.  We are often out on the street for the Art Festivals so come by and talk to us.  We help other community organizations with donations, fundraising and in kind services. Our direct involvement builds community.   Think global, act local. ART=LIFE=ART.

Contact: Emily Winters
- Venice Arts Council, Chair
739 Palms Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291
Email: emilywinters1936@gmail.com
Phone: 310-306-7372
Suzanne Thompson - Endangered Art Fund, Chair 
Email: suzannethompson55@gmail.com

Contributions made payable to:

Venice Community Housing Corporation/Venice Arts Council (VCHC/VAC) are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.
Note Endangered Art Fund if your contribution is to help restore the Endangered Species Mural.
Mission Statement:
Venice is a vital hub for artistic activity in Los Angeles and the world.
The Venice Arts Council celebrates and supports this tradition
through preserving old roots and encouraging spirited new growth
in the culture and community we cherish.
VAC serves as a forum for community input on public art,
promotes projects that include resident artists and their work,
and gives collaborative support to local arts organizations.
Venice since its inception has been a place for artists. Abbot Kinney
imaged the recreation of Venice Italy in Venice California when he
founded the city in 1904. By the time Thornton Kinney was the heir to
his fathers plan the ?honky tonk? amusement park element had been added
to the "high art" dream and Venice took on the cast that continues to
this day, a unique combination of artists, tourists, fringe folks and
liberal thought. Venice has drawn its identity more than any other
community in our city and perhaps the nation from the artists who have
lived and worked here. It has also been the home to free thinkers and
activists who found the space in the our enclave by the sea to work and
associate with others who wrote poetry, played music, ate health food
and communed with nature. The celebration of the hundredth anniversary
of the City which no doubt is much older considering the Tongva peoples
who lived in the great wetlands of Ballona Creek, must come from its
creative people. We as the Grassroots Neighborhood Councils? Artist
committee propose the following celebratory art events for the
Centennial in Venice.
-- Professor Judith F. Baca
Venice has more artists per capita than any other city in the Nation.
The purpose of an Arts Committee for GRVNC would be to celebrate the
Vibrant hub of art activity that is currently thriving in Venice by
promoting and directing these activities into projects of interest and
beautification of our community. I would like to see this undercurrent
commnity to be openly visible as the ultimate enhancement of the Venice
we know and love. Poetry readings, music, dance, theater events and
festivals through out the year. Public art as murals, installations,
art exhibitions, a Historical museum, sculpture gardens, botanical
gardens, vegetable gardens. We need a directory of these artist and
their talents to be available for everyone. These projects could
incorporate the many talents that live and work here, and also bring in
projects for children, the schools, the elderly, and the homeless. We
have a wealth of resources right here in our own backyard just waiting
to be tapped.
We already have resources such as Insideout at the Venice Methodist
Church, the Social and Public Art Resource Center, the Boys and Girls
Club of Venice, the Israel Levin Center, St. Joesph¹s Center, etc.
I feel our Neighborhood Grass Roots Council with representation from
the 7 areas of Venice, is the perfect organization to promote and
develop this much needed community art outreach.
Respectfully, Emily Winters, District 5

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