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Rules & Elections Committee Meeting

Venice Neighborhood Council Events - Sat, 11/22/2014 - 15:20

Rules & Elections Committee Meeting

Agenda  Rec agenda 141125

Oakwood Park Rec Center

767 California Street

Venice, CA 90291

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

7:00 PM

1. Call to Order and Roll Call (7:00) PM.

Ira Koslow – Chair

Hugh Harrison

Erin Darling

Mike Newhouse (ex-officio)

2. Approval of the Agenda

3. Review & approval of any outstanding minutes (141028)

4. Public Announcements and Comments on items not on the Agenda (15 minutes, no more than 2 minutes per person)

5. New Business

All items for discussion and possible action.

A. Agenda motion Request: Revision of Education Committee Mission Statement : The Venice Neighborhood Council Education Committee provides a sounding board for the Venice Family of Schools and parents to keep neighborhood students in the Venice "pipeline", enhance student performance through strengthening ties to community agencies and organizations, and continuing to advise elected officials on policies affecting the quality of education in the Venice Family of Schools.

B. Add Standing Rule 29 : All 24 Hour Notice "Special Meetings" require written pre-approval by the VNC President or Vice President.

C. Replace SR 18 with: The Venice Neighborhood Council MAY publicize the events, activities, announcements and information from the Departments, Agencies and Officeholders of the City of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles, the State of California and the Federal Government of the United States of America. Publicity of events and activities of other organizations is permitted if the event is free, open to the public, and with approval of the

President of the VNC. Click here for VNC Standing Rules

6. Old Business

All items for discussion and possible action.

A. Discussion about Bylaws adjustments. Click here for VNC Bylaws.


7. Announcements & Public Comment on items not on the Agenda (15 minutes, no more than 2 minutes per person)

8. Adjourn (approximately (8:30 PM)

In compliance with Government Code section 54957.5, non-exempt writings that are distributed to a majority or all of the board members in advance of a meeting may be viewed at the Venice Library, 501 S. Venice Blvd.; Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd.; and at our website by clicking on the following

link: http://venicenc.org/ , or at the scheduled meeting. In addition, if you would like a copy of any record

Sidewalk Summit

Venice Neighborhood Council Events - Tue, 11/18/2014 - 23:17









Who will repair tree damaged sidewalks? The City, the property owner, or both? Join the Empowerment Congress Southwest Area Neighborhood Council with guests, Councilman Bernard Parks, Public Works Bureau of Street Services, Urban Forestry Division, the Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative (LANI) and the stakeholders of South LA as we have a conversation about sidewalks, tree roots, permits, contractors and developing a sustainable plan to pay for sidewalk repair.  



Pacific Area CPAB Potluck Dinner

Venice Neighborhood Council Events - Tue, 11/18/2014 - 10:08















Potluck Dinner Meeting

Wednesday, 7pm, November 19, 2014

Playa Vista Center Pointe Club,

6200 Playa Vista Drive, Playa Vista, CA 90094

Join us for our last meeting but first potluck dinner of the year as we gather to review the year and plan for 2015!

  We’ll review the presentation given today at the LA City Police Commission about Pacific LAPD, discuss our upcoming holiday appreciation meals, distribute the Santa Sleigh route information, solicit for volunteers for our upcoming Winter Wonderland event and make some plans about how we want to make the Pacific CPAB 2015 the most engaged, impactful and community based organization on the Westside of Los Angeles!   Rob will bring a roast pork dish, plates, napkins, cups and silver ware. The rest of the menu is up to you!    

WLAPC hearing: 259 South Hampton Drive

Venice Neighborhood Council Events - Mon, 11/17/2014 - 17:42


200 North Spring Street, Room 272

Los Angeles, CA 90012






Concerning property at

259 South Hampton Drive


Case No.: ZA-2012-1770-CDP-CUB-1A


The West Los Angeles Planning Commission invites you to attend a hearing regarding the property highlighted above. The law requires that owners and renters near this site be notified of this hearing. If you do not wish to attend the hearing, you may ignore this notice.

The hearing involves an appeal of the Zoning Administrator’s decision, pursuant to the Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 12.20.2, to Approve a Coastal Development Permit authorizing the conversion, construction, use and maintenance of a take-out restaurant and retail establishment into a sit-down restaurant located within the single jurisdiction of the California Zone, and, pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 12.24-W,1, to Approve a Conditional Use to permit the sale and dispensing of a full line of alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption in conjunction with a proposed restaurant in the M1-1 Zone, and to adopt the action of the lead agency in issuing the Mitigated Negative Declaration ENV-2013-2592-MND as the environmental clearance for this project.

APPLICANT: Richard J. Gottlieb, Dunes Development LLC

APPELLANT: Ilana Marosi

AGENDAS are posted for public review in the Main Street lobby of City Hall East, 200 N. Main Street, Los Angeles, California, and are accessible through the Internet World Wide Web at http://www.lacity.org/pln/index.htm

Representative: Stephen Vitalich, Stephen Vitalich Architects

TESTIMONY: Written testimony may be submitted prior to the hearing (see instructions below); however, oral testimony can only be given at the hearing and may be limited due to time constraints. Sign language interpreters and assistive listening devices may be provided if you contact our office at least three (3) business days before the hearing.


DECISION: The Commission’s decision will be based on the merits of the case and the applicable law. The Commission can consider the entire action even if only a portion has been appealed. A report of the Commission’s action will be mailed upon request after the hearing.  Pursuant to Government Code Section 65009(b)(2), any court challenge of the Commission’s action may be limited to those issues considered at the public hearing.

FILE REVIEW: The complete file, including the determination is available for public inspection in the Commission office, Suite 272, 200 N. Spring Street, Los Angeles, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Please call (213) 978-1300 several days in advance to assure file availability.


The Commission members are not City employees. They are citizens who have been appointed by the Mayor. They function in a quasi-judicial capacity and therefore, cannot be contacted before the hearing. Any written testimony which you wish them to see may only be submitted to our office using the following guidelines:

1. If you wish to submit materials to the Commission for their consideration, they should be a in the Commission office ten days prior to the date of the hearing. If Monday is a holiday, they should be received by noon of the preceding Friday.

2. Please provide an original and fourteen (14) copies (15 sets) of all correspondence or received exhibits (for the file, (5) Commission members, Director of Planning, Chief Zoning Administrator, Associate Zoning Administrator, City Planner, Commission Executive Assistant and City Attorney). All fifteen copies/sets may be mailed in the same envelope.

3. Correspondence must be on letter size or legal size paper (8 2 " x 11" or 8 2 " x 14").

4. All oversized exhibits (photos, plans, artists’ renderings) must be able to fit in a legal size folder. Therefore, they should be mounted on foldable paper or a file size copy must be provided. Photo exhibits must be mounted on light cardboard or foldable paper.

5. Write the ZA case number on all communications and exhibits (for Parcel Map, Private Street and Certificate of Compliance appeals use the original case number, for Coastal Development Permit appeals, write the CDP number).

6. ALL materials submitted to the Commission become City property and cannot be returned.  This includes any correspondence or exhibit used as part of your testimony to the Commission.

As a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Los Angeles does not discriminate. The meeting facility and its parking are wheelchair accessible. Sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, or other auxiliary aids and/or other services may be provided upon request. To ensure availability of services, please make your request not later than three working days (72 hours) prior to the meeting by calling the staff person referenced in this notice.


Poster of the Week

Center for the Study of Political Graphics - Tue, 11/11/2014 - 09:38
33% of The Homeless Are Veterans
San Francisco Print Collective
The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee
Silkscreen, 2006
San Francisco, California

November 11th is Veterans' Day, when too many politicians give lip service to Veterans, while the statistics reveal a reality of obscene neglect. In 2009, the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans estimated that between 130,000 and 200,000 veterans are homeless on any given night.

America's homeless veterans have served in World War II, Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam War, Grenada, Panama, Lebanon, Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan), Operation Iraqi Freedom, or the military's anti-drug cultivation efforts in South America. 47 per cent of homeless veterans served during the Vietnam Era. More than 67 per cent served our country for at least three years and 33 per cent were stationed in a war zone.

As this poster asks: Why do our taxes support war but not the people who fight it?  When will we ever learn?

For More Information:


Poster of the Week

Center for the Study of Political Graphics - Fri, 11/07/2014 - 21:40
Lex Drewinski
Silkscreen, 1990
Berlin, Germany

The Berlin Wall--which had divided East and West Berlin for nearly 30 years--fell on November 9, 1989, 25 years ago this weekend. The German Democratic Republic (East Germany) began construction of the fortified barrier in 1961 to prevent East German citizens from defecting.   

There are many dramatic photos of West Germans pulling parts of the wall down with hammers and machinery, but the wall's actual demolition by the East German military didn't begin until June 13, 1990 and was not completed until 1992. The fall of the Berlin Wall paved the way for German reunification which was formally concluded on October 3, 1990.

As the world commemorates the destruction of one wall, other walls continue to be erected: The Separation Wall (also known as the Apartheid Wall) being built by Israel in the Occupied West Bank, and the border wall being erected between the U.S. and Mexico. When will we ever learn. 

CSPG's Poster of the Week by Lex Drewinski plays on both the headline N.E.W.S. made when the Wall fell, and the East-West divide.  It shows how after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, there was no longer an "East" as the majority of people living in East Germany wanted the freedom and lifestyles symbolized  by the West.

Three Years and Counting: Alcohol Ads Ban Reaches L.A. City Council

Ban Billboard Blight - Thu, 11/06/2014 - 10:58
Beer and liquor ads on bus shelters and other items of street furniture have long been a common feature of the Los Angeles streetscape, but their demise moved closer to reality this week when the City Attorney sent an ordinance banning alcohol advertising on public property to the City Council. But even if the council […]

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