Artist's Statement: MIMI BOGALE

So many claim to have the answers, but I only have questions. This is why I paint. I paint my questions, because I cannot find the words to explain the thoughts.

Art was never an interest for me as child. To be honest art always seemed like the pursuit of fools, till this fool saw her folly.

Fashion was always my passion. While studying fashion I was forced to take a life drawing class. In this class my professor informed me that I was an artist, and that I had to take his painting class. There I was in a class I had no business being in. My first canvas was 6’x5’ to be done in oil that was four years ago. Painting took over my life, it chose me, and with ever brushstroke has transformed me. The more I explore the art form the depths of its possibility and beauty are constantly revealing themselves to me, and I tell you it’s wonderful.

My subject matter is the female form. Oil has become my favorite medium, but I have been known to experiment with acrylic and collage .I have found the female form to be the perfect vehicle of expression.