Artist's statement: Amy Kaps

Conceived in Columbus, Ohio, born in Brooklyn, New York, raised in suburban New Jersey, schooled in Upstate New York and Japan and Los Angeles, having at various times resided in Manhattan and Köln, Germany, I presently live and work in Venice, California.

My art, my world, my life is multi-faceted.

I break it down and put it back together.

Color. Space. Time. Emotion. Thought.

Elements are re-imagined to create a new whole.

After acquiring a degree in Psychology, I headed back to New York City where by day I was the assistant to an art management consultant, and by night a performance artist, singer and club kid. This continued until I soon moved to Germany where I proceeded to explore my boundaries and the museums of Europe . There I concentrated on music and performance art and practiced radio and television journalism. I am also particularly proud of the fact that I learned to tap a keg of beer.

Upon returning to the states 13 years later, I shifted my focus to film. This seemed to be a culmination of all my previous endeavors. Encountering my own limitations, I enrolled in film school where I attained the technical knowledge that I sought. And then, while stumbling along learning to use my video camera, I discovered a visual vocabulary generated by the actual subject as well as the manipulation of the camera. Working with exposure and built-in digital effects, the results were like abstract impressionist paintings. Dreamlike images - images that the eyes do not see in real time and space.

Photographs capture moments in time, whereas video captures these moments moving in time. I have applied digital effects in the camera as well as in Post-Production. I have interlaced and de-interlaced images as well as layered them. This allows us to see elements of the world from an altered perspective. What we see remains real however our perception is manipulated. Each still frame has a distinct time code, a specific mathematical location within time and space. I have also been known to appropriate imagery, which I then use to my advantage by accentuating and refashioning its salient features. What we see in this way is familiar but also provokes us to reach into the subconscious to finish the picture. And in the end, it's all about making beautiful pictures.

Performance Art and Film are almost without limitation. Therefore, I continue to combine live action with multi-media to create something that is of the present. In this way, all the senses can be reached as well as the emotional and psychological synapses. Stimulation and provocation of thought and emotion are my intention as is the proliferation of beauty in the banal.




1959     Born in Brooklyn, NY, USA 


Conceived in Columbus, Ohio, born in Brooklyn, NY, raised in suburban New Jersey, schooled in up state NY, LA and Japan, lived in New York, New Jersey, Köln/Germany and presently in Venice/California.


Education                      LA Film School, Certificate in Directing & Editing

                                    UCLA Extension, Department of Entertainment Studies

                                    Skidmore College, BS in Psychology 


A selected list of exhibitions, installations, performances, productions and events:


2005     Divas of Venice

            In celebration of the Venice Centennial

            SPARC, Venice, CA


Downtown Los Angeles


The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) and (NEWH)

Venice, CA

Get it off your Chest

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art

            Women in the Arts International Juried Exhibition

            Santa Ana, CA


            ”Liberate Your Perception”

Spring Arts Tower LA, CA

2004     Träum Weiter

Kunstgruppe e.V.

The Lover’s Club Köln, Germany

Hollywood Bowl Sphere Art Project

Track 16 Bergamot Station Santa Monica, CA

Cause and Effect Gallery  Torrance, CA

            Litany of Lovers

            A multi-media-live action performance piece

Living into: Rainbow, Unicorns and Everything we f*cking hate!

            Solids at Q-topia Hollywood, CA

OVERWROUGHT An Expression of the Post Baroque Experience

            Stark-Kikuchi Gallery Venice, CA

2002     Animal, Vegetable, Mineral-Found.01

Video Installation

The Sandbox Gallery Venice, CA

The Poodles Point of View

LA Freewaves Festival,  TV or not TV

2001     seven/eleven part I 

            A multi-media-live action performance piece

Moments of Transparency 

Hollywood Athletic Club Hollywood, CA

2000     The Silicon Valley Rush

Short Film 

Salvation at the Altar of IT

Short Film




1999     Decent Exposure 

A video magazine for modern living - mini-DV+Super-8

The Media Room

Installation in collaboration with Diana Hobstetter

WCA National Conference, LA, CA

1998     The Poodle’s Point of View 

Short Film  

Developmental Acumen

Skychurch 2000 Temple of Spoken Word 

Glaxa Silverlake, CA 

If I were a rich man and Hawaii 5-O

Performances with live music

Kabaret Kiki  Silverlake Lounge, LA, CA 

Rituals for Modern Living

KMPP Lounge, Hollywood, CA

1997     Featured Artist  “Projector 97” 

Onyx Cafe  Los Feliz, CA

1996     Poolside  

Short Film

Winner of a Golden Nippes, Köln/Germany

Bug Bites 

A performance based on insects and covert means of observation

Spaceland  Silverlake, CA 


A performance based on the forms and force of the element water

Private Party  Mar Vista, CA 

A Visitor from Venus II

A performance merging with a mural by Jon Planas

Absolut On-line/Jon Planas 

Human Ant Farm Venice, CA 

Vita Sexualis 

An attempt to stimulate all the senses

Glaxa Studios Silverlake, CA

1995     A Visitor from Venus 

The Comet Club  Long Beach, CA 

Decent Exposure II 

Cafe Contact-An Art Bordello 

XX  Köln, Germany

Decent Exposure  

Damaged Goods Series 

Glaxa Studios  Silverlake, CA 

Prismatic People 

A Short film in praise of international friendship or